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  • 791 | Holi Walk Sowcarpet

    I’m sukesha writing review for today’s walk at sowcarpet considering holy festivel . The walk was planned at 6:15am in sowcarpet but we all showed up late eventually but somehow we’ve all gathered around 7.00am with our cameras being wraped where around 10to15 cwc members gathered and started the walk.Many photographers showed up at sowcarpet …

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  • 790 | Kuranganil Muttam

    Hi everyone this is sukesha writing review for last night’s walk at kurangani muttam. We all reached  meghanath’s house in chengalpattu who’ve made a feast for all of us and gathered  there and went to reach the destination with two cars almost reached the destination around 9.00pm to 10.00pm.It was 14 people who went to walk to …

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  • 777 | Theyyam Kannur

    I’m Dinesh writing review for Theyyam Travel walk . I have been planning (only planning) to go for a travel walk for the last few months but this time I made it. And finally this my First Travel walk. Thanks Jenith for letting me know about this walk. Initally we planned to go there by …

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