791 | Holi Walk Sowcarpet

I’m sukesha writing review for today’s walk at sowcarpet considering holy festivel .

The walk was planned at 6:15am in sowcarpet but we all showed up late eventually but somehow we’ve all gathered around 7.00am with our cameras being wraped where around 10to15 cwc members gathered and started the walk.Many photographers showed up at sowcarpet from all over the city.

considering us late we started walking around but we came to know that we were too early. people showed up around 8.00am and of-course all of us scattered around to take potraits. Number of people celebrating this year is less considering last year said a senior member.peoples were celebrating throwing colors,water and water ballons and also on us. Thank god my camera survived.With people being enthusiastic they were happy to give pose and potraits.The color powders and water changed the whole street’s color.

There was this one particular street called nammalvar street were everyone were way too enthusiastic in which we captured more than half an hour. people were also coming from some other areas just to celebrate holi.We all gathered around 11.00am and took a group pic and left.

On a whole it was good being in a crowd playing,shouting,singing and most importantly capturing.



10 March 2020



Meeting Point

Flower Bazaar Station

Contact Person

Sukesh Manikandan


1. Meganath 
2. Raffi
3. Kamal 
4. Sumesh 
5. Abipriya 
6. Jayakumar 
7. Kn 
8. Ashok 
9. Vikram 
10. Madhu 
11. Sarathy 
12. Ananda Prasath 
13. Mukundh 
14. Arunkumar
15. Kumaresan