790 | Kuranganil Muttam

Hi everyone this is sukesha writing review for last night’s walk at kurangani muttam.

We all reached  meghanath’s house in chengalpattu who’ve made a feast for all of us and gathered  there and went to reach the destination with two cars almost reached the destination around 9.00pm to 10.00pm.It was 14 people who went to walk to capture therukoothu.

The destination was some 40 to 50km from chengalpattu. People of our group were too enthusiastic even at midnight to capture things. we even went to off stage to capture their makeups. we all went and sat at first row making village people sit behind us.It was one hell of a experience as i was watching therukoothu for first time what i understand is that one cannot simply perform whole night with their makeup and perform under those circumstances.

The performing artists were too humble to give us portraits and poses.They were performing whole night till next morning but we’ve left around 1.00am and had some tea took group pic and all of us went to reach home. It was literally 5.30 when i reached home.The thing is that one should respect and appreciate any form of art.Lets hope for another walk to make portraits and memories.


CWC 790 | Kuranganil Muttam | 07.03.2020 | Saturday

07 March 2020



Meeting Point

Chengalper Flyover

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1. Meganath 
2. Raffi
3. Kamal 
4. Sumesh 
5. Abipriya 
6. Jayakumar 
7. Kn 
8. Ashok 
9. Vikram 
10. Madhu 
11. Sarathy 
12. Ananda Prasath 
13. Mukundh 
14. Arunkumar
15. Kumaresan